Wednesday, 29 April 2009

archive material

top: dead leaf, c1988 watercolour
bottom: dead leaf, c1997 ink and watercolour

What is it with the dead leaves? In 1988 I was using watercolour a lot, mostly producing architectural studies. I worked on a number of commissions for surveyors and others in Liverpool. In one instance, I worked from a posh board room in a grand building belonging to a big bank. It had a great view over the city, and I did two larger watercolour paintings for them.

I still had a love for the natural world, though, and enjoyed doing little studies like the dead leaves.

Ten years later, in 1997, I was preparing to do my Masters degree, and was working with realistic and semi-abstract forms from nature.

There is a load of work in between these two studies, and I hope to put some of it up soon!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

archive material - art student days

left: zip fastener, chalk, 1980
right: door coil spring, pencil, 1980
These are large (A1) size drawings, from my foundation year at art college.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

archive material

anamorphic drawing, pencil, with photographic source, 1979
This is a cylindrical anamorphosis. In the sixth form, I was inspired by an older student called Edward Johnson. He had great artistic ability, and I think it must have been he who first showed me anamorphic art. Anyway, I bought a book about it, and soon produced my own anamorphic images. The source for this image was the front cover of 'The Observer' Sunday colour supplement. I remember scouring the colour supplements for any image I found interesting and / or could use.

Monday, 6 April 2009

archive material

'Grand-dad', pencil study, 1978
Copied from an old sepia photo of my maternal grandfather, George Burton, in his early days in the army. The detail on the glove and the sword hilt was hard to make out, so I left those white.