Wednesday, 23 March 2011

round paintings

"Floating Yellow Planes, round" 2011
More bright yellow!

"Inner Space Map" 2010-11
This painting concentrates on textures, and was made last year, when I was making very textured 3-d pieces. I did some more work on it recently and now like it more.

Friday, 4 March 2011


Since the formation of the ConDem coalition government last May, I have felt increasingly politicised. This has mainly been due to political actions taken by the government that affect me directly in my work as a teacher, and as a person in society. The imposition of a two-year pay freeze, proposed devaluing of my pension, and the introduction of the English Baccalaureat, represent a three-pronged attack, and I am disappointed, dismayed and angered as a result. Wider government strategies also contribute to my strength of feeling.
When considering how I might respond to these actions, and what little response it was possible to make, I decided that in the first instance I would write to my MP. (I think that the use of words to convey one's thoughts and feelings in response to government actions, may, at the very least, have some effect on the thinking of the representative. One would hope so, anyway.)
Secondly, I decided to try and respond through my creativity. It seems difficult to remain optimistic in the current economic situation, yet I am determined not to become depressed about it. I decided then, to produce some paintings using bright and intense tones of yellow. They are quite small works, but I am now working on a larger, round painting. In the common psyche, yellow represents cowardice. It was famously used by van Gogh, and is also used greatly by the painter Anthony Green, whose work I admire. For me, yellow represents my strength of feeling against the political actions taking place.